Applications for the

'Tiara Special Grant' and 'Tiara-Sciences Po Partnership Award'

for the 2020-21 academic session is now OPEN.

Tiara Charitable Foundation hopes to help students, humanitarian charities and educational institutions by offering grants and other forms of tailored support and encouragement. 

The Tiara Charitable Foundation, is a registered 12A certified / 80G approved charity, headquartered in New Delhi, India.

What We Do

Lend a Helping Hand

Among other scholarships, Tiara intends to identify and support special eligible young men and women with the potential to develop into well-rounded, successful and philanthropic individuals themselves. It designs and disburses Endowment grants towards identified Research and Charitable directions.The Foundation also hopes to provide early stage support to new and emerging artistic and literary talent in the Arts.


And they who bettered life on earth by their newly found mastery.

Vergilius Aeneid

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Get in touch with Tiara Charitable Foundation to discover more about our work. We prefer to be contacted via Email only.

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