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The 'Tiara-LSR Special Opportunity Award' is a grant to support students who will be starting their undergraduate studies at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University.

This award is a need-based scholarship, where the Foundation will help the deserving students' tuition, mess and hostel expenses for the entire duration of their College of 3 years. 

Applications have been Suspended until further notice.

Eligibility Criteria

The college identifies students every academic year as per the student's academic as well as financial standing to justify a need for this Special Opportunity award. Students are chosen after a round of interview with our Scholarship Program Adviser.

Scholarship Recipients



Kajal is a pursuing Sanskrit Hons at LSR. She has participated in various  extra- curricular activities at college.. Her paper’ Sanskrit as a World Language’  won her the third prize at an inter -college competition in Delhi University. She is also part of LSR NSO. After graduation she wants to complete her B Ed and start teaching in a school to support her father who is the sole bread winner in the family.



Neeta is a second year Hindi Hons student at LSR. After graduation she wants to enroll for a B. Ed degree. She wants to start teaching as soon as possible to support her family. Later she aims to complete her Masters degree and maybe study even further. She is aiming for a career as a college professor eventually. Neeta enjoys reading and likes to write poetry.



Abeer is enrolled in the Department of Elementary Education at LSR. She completed her Senior Secondary SchoolCertificate Exam from Moradabad, a small town in Uttar Pradesh where she topped her school in both Higher and Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations. Apart from winning numerous awards in debating and Taekwondo. She was also the head girl of her school. Abeer is a member of the Debating Society of LSR and actively participates in Judo competitions, winning the silver medal at the Dr. Bharat Ram Sports Meet. She aspires for a Masters and a Ph.D, focusing on women’s education in an inclusive society.


Deepmala is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Hindi Honours at LSR. She topped her school in class 12 and was awarded the first prize for all -round excellence. Her goal is to be a teacher. Inspired by her teachers in college, she hopes to work on the methodology of Hindi teaching, focusing on creative ways to enhance teaching and learning techniques. The Tiara Special Opportunity Award will go a long way in helping her realise her career goal which would otherwise have been difficult given her family’s financial condition.

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Mamta is a student of B.A. (Hindi Honours) at LSR. She completed her 12th from the Senior Secondary School at Tilpat, Haryana where she topped her school in both the 10th and 12th Board Exams. She has won awards at the district level for poetry writing and was ranked first in her first semester exams at LSR. She is a member of the National Sports Organisation in college and also a member of the Debating Society and writes for ‘CREAD’, an online college journal. Mamta aspires to complete her Masters and Ph.D and wants to be a University teacher.

Meenu Meena

Meenu belongs to Jaipur in Rajasthan and completed her schooling from Vijay Central Academy Senior Secondary School there. She has played Kho-kho and Kabaddi at the State level while receiving the Gargi  Award in her 10th and 12th. She stood first at the International Women’s Day Debate at the District level and aspires to join the RDC Camp and learn shooting. She wants to be a civil servant in the future and is preparing herself for it.

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Shikha Saini

Shikha belongs to a village in Haryana and she is delighted to have had an opportunity to attend LSR. She scored highest among all the batches of my school and is working hard to maintain it. She actively participates and has won many prizes in essay writing, quiz competitions and participates in various camps as well. She aims to do something for the well-being of the society and make her teachers and parents proud of her.

Monika Kumari Misra

Monika is pursuing Hindi Hons. Programme at LSR. She has participated in many competitive events in college including creative writing, poetry recitation and has participated in Army Camps and was 'corporal' in NCC. She hopes to be a Professor one day.

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