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The 'Tiara St. Stephen's Special Opportunity Award' is a grant to support students who will be starting their undergraduate studies at St. Stephen's College, Delhi University.

This award is a need-based scholarship, where the Foundation will help the deserving students' tuition, mess and hostel expenses for the entire duration of their College of 3 years. 

Applications have been Suspended until further notice.

Eligibility Criteria

The college identifies students every academic year as per the student's academic as well as financial standing to justify a need for this Special Opportunity award. Students are chosen after a round of interview with our Scholarship Program Adviser

Scholarship Recipients


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Stephen Mathew

Stephen is a daydreamer who mostly spends his time reading and writing poetry and short stories. He is pursuing his graduation in English from St. Stephens College. He stood second in the All Kerala State Competition for poetry and was also awarded the ‘Kala Thilakam’ prize for outstanding performance in arts while becoming the best outgoing student of his school. In college, he interned as a content writer for the DU Times and is currently working with DU Beat as a correspondent. He is also a member of the multi -lingual street theatre group called ‘Aadibhav’ and has represented the college at various venues. He was also part of an initiative with respect to the environment, where he collaborated in the making of a short film showcasing the various green practices undertaken by the college. He also co-directed an English play called ‘Crown and Dagger’. Stephen aspires to venture into the field of academics and become a professor in the future.

Stephy Treesa Joseph

Stephy is an undergraduate history student of St Stephens College, Delhi. She is from a farming family of five children in a small village in Kerala. She aspires to become an IAS officer. She started preparing for it from school itself with the help and support of her parents, teachers and friends. She is good at debates, essay writing, acting, dancing, short film editing and making presentations. She is a good orator having received many awards too. She was an active member in the Red Cross Society while in school and worked on two projects on Water Crisis and New Innovations in the Agricultural Sector conducted by Science Congress. She believes in her dream of making a difference.


Isha is highly grateful to TIARA FOUNDATION for giving her this scholarship as it gives her the much needed financial relief in fulfilling her dreams. Isha is pursuing B. Sc Physics Honours where she secured 9.45 SGPA in the first semester university examination. She believes that has changed her outlook to many things. Her ambition is to become a scientist. She likes to play badminton and listen to music and wants to work with rural students and help them realise their true potential. The Tiara Special Opportunity Award will play a key role in helping her achieve her educational dreams.

Banavath Laxman

Banavath is pursuing Chemistry Honours at St Stephens College. His father is a farmer in Telengana. Banavath realised he had a talent for teaching and has been volunteering for evening classes for secondary school students as part of the Social Service League. He is an active member of the Chemistry Society, Student Union Society and the Civil Services Forum. He hopes his love for Chemistry will help him achieve his goal in working as a researcher in organic synthesis. He is also pursuing his plan of becoming a civil servant and helping farmers whose plight he understands very well. Banavath is grateful to the Tiara Foundation for giving him the Special Opportunity Award.

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Murtaza Farooq

Murtaza is a B. Sc. (H) Mathematics student. The beauty of pure mathematics has always inspired him from early on. He would ideally like to pursue both mathematics and economics in future. In the past year, he feels like the college has changed him beyond imagination. He is an active member of a number of Societies like the Finance and Investment Cell, Informal Discussion Groups and Campus Placement Cells. Besides academia, he has immense passion for western Classical music and is himself a violinist. He likes racket sports especially tennis and badminton. Being an introvert, he sees himself as a very warm person always willing to help others.

Vasudev Kaga

Coming from a village background, being admitted into St Stephens was a dream come true for him and he feels the Tiara Scholarship has helped him in pursuing his higher studies. He aspires to be a civil servant and thinks this scholarship is helping him to realise his dream. He thinks of himself as  a very hard working and determined person and is grateful to the Tiara Foundation for considering him eligible for the scholarship.

Vatsala Srivastava

Vatsala is pursuing her B.Sc. Physics (H). She has consistently been a top academic performer and was the second topper in her city, Varanasi (XIIth) and had a 10/10 CGPA in her Xth boards. She is a member (for events, seminars, meet-ups) in the Physics, Electronics, Computer Science, Fine Arts Society as well as the Team Stephanian Forum (SF) of her college.S he is also well versed with the subjects of music and art and likes to write poems and read books in her free time. To augment her theoretical understanding of Physics, Vatsala is also joining the NIUS Physics programme(2018) organised by Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE), TIFR, Mumbai,India.

Bhavnesh Jangid

Bhavnesh is pursuing B.Sc. (Honors) in Chemistry. He sees himself as a hardworking, avid, dedicated and committed student. He has taken part in many inter-college paper and poster presentation competitions and has attended various conferences and workshops related to science and technology. He was awarded the Certificate of merit by CBSE for outstanding performance and for being among the top 0.1% successful candidates in Chemistry. He is an integral part of the college cricket team and is involved in various societies in college such Leadership Cell, Campus Placement Cell and The Chemistry Society etc. He would like to give his contribution for the development of rural India in the future.

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Raechel Thankam Job

Raechel is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English Honours.  As a school student, she strived for academic excellence and actively participated in both literary and sports activities such as elocutions, essay writing, long distance races along with others. Her hard work paid off when she was accepted into one of the most prestigious institutions of the country. In the one year she has spent at St. Stephens, she has grown as a student and as an individual. Being a member of societies such as Social Service League, The Literature Society and The Shakespeare Society has not only provided her with the opportunity to explore varied cultures but also to test her own creativity and intellectual ability.  Her interest lies in the realm of journalism and she would like to explore it further. 

Neetu Sisodia

Neetu is a B.Sc Programme student. She sees herself as a hardworking, avid, dedicated and helpful individual. Her interest in academics is driven by a curiosity to understand how the world works, in particular how human bodies work in relation to the world. She secured 8th position in the secondary examinations in Haryana and was awarded the Dr. Ambedkar National Merit Award. In her free time she has taught underprivileged students as a part of Project Vidyajyoti, a program run by the Social Service League of St. Stephen’s College (SSL) and has also regularly worked as a volunteer in other programs run by the SSL. In the future she would like to work for the development of rural India.

Judit Tomy

Judit is a first year undergraduate student pursuing B. Sc (H), Mathematics. He is an active member of the Social Service League (SSL), an initiative of St. Stephens college that involves students in providing help to the under privileged. He is a teaching volunteer at Vidyajyothi, a branch of SSL that provides basic education to children living in the neighbouring slums. His ambition is to become a civil service officer which would provide him with more opportunities to help the society and the nation. 

Priya Pandey

Priya completed her 12th (CBSE) from Dehradun and secured 92% marks. She is pursuing the BA Programme at St. Stephens. She has taken part in many inter-college competitions like-  music, dance, debates and poetry recitation. She likes to take part in the various cultural activities in college. She likes to read different kinds of novels and short stories and enjoys listening to music. She wants to join the civil services and is determined to work hard to achieve that goal. 

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Pratibha Lohiya

Pratibha describes herself as  a hard working, diligent, helpful and committed student. She enjoys writing  essays and has won many school level competitions and has received various awards and commendations for her essays in competitions like- Competition Success Review GK Magazine, Dainik Bhaskar Junior Editor prize, Rotary Club prize in Jodhpur, All India Essay Writing Competition in collaboration with Bhutan, organised by the Ramchandra Mission. She likes to introspect on social issues . She considers singing and drawing as extreme stress relievers. She hopes to join the  IAS.

Vaishali Jain

Vaishali is pursuing  BSc (H) in chemistry at St Stephens College. A highly motivated student, she was awarded the Certificate of merit by C.B.S.E for outstanding performance and for being among the top 0.1% successful candidates in chemistry. Vaishali says,”Scholarships like the Tiara St. Stephens Special Opportunity Award inspire me to help others and give back to the community and I hope that one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals.”

Ravada Karunakar

Ravada passed his intermediate from Board of Intermediate Education,Hyderabad with 96.5%.He continues to do well well in his studies after joining in St.Stephen's college. He secured SGPA 9.09 in first semester university examinations.He wants to be a civil servant .Besides reading novels, he plays Cricket and Table-Tennis.He is involved in various societies in college such as the Social Service League and Civil Forum Society etc.

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Ashwin Chettri

Ashwin passed his ISC with 93%. This young man from Darjeeling is interested in much more than just academics, however. He does quizzing, debating and public speaking, and is an active member of many clubs and societies in college like the English Literary Society, Quiz Club, Music Society, Social Service League, Poetry Society and Blood Connect. He is also a keen sportsman who plays badminton, table tennis and chess.  Ashwin has a passion for writing short stories and poems and hopes to be a writer someday. He is an avid bird watcher, enjoys trekking, photography and anything that brings him in close contact with nature.

Shubham Arya

Having cleared his Board exams with a creditable 91%, Chanambam continues to do well academically. He also enjoys playing football, listening to music, reading books and keeping himself up to date on current affairs. Chanambam hails from Manipur, where he played State Level Super Division football.  He participates enthusiastically in college life and is in the Civil Services forum, North East Society, Social Service League, Leadership Cell, Quiz Club and of course, the college football team!  His dream is to join the Civil Services to serve the people of India as a hardworking and honest administrator.

Alishuba Milna Philips

Having achieved an admirable 97.8% in her Board examinations, Alishubha continues to do well academically in college, with a 96.66% in the First Semester. She has been always been an exceptional acheiver in most of the exams she has appeared for in both Statem National and International levels.  She has been a consistent top 500 ranking in the National Science Olympiad and the International English Olympiad. Alishubha co­ wrote a paper on Empowerment of Women through Self Help Groups which was published in the Stephen’s Finance Review, a finance journal, the first of its kind at the     undergraduate level for which she was given the responsibility of conducting primary research. A member of the Social Service League, Alishubha teaches slum children at Vidyajyoti, an SSL initiative.

Chanambam Ghanachandra Singh

Having cleared his Board exams with a creditable 91%, Chanambam continues to do well academically. He also enjoys playing football, listening to music, reading books and keeping himself up to date on current affairs. Chanambam hails from Manipur, where he played State Level Super Division football. He participates enthusiastically in college life and is in the Civil Services forum, North East Society, Social Service League, Leadership Cell, Quiz Club and of course, the college football team!  His dream is to join the Civil Services to serve the people of India as a hardworking and honest administrator.

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Nang Daisy Mowke

Daisy describes herself as “always a quiet and shy person, with the habit of penning down my thoughts rather than speaking them aloud.” This along with her interest in poetry culminated in the publication of her first book of poems, titled ‘Midnight Calling’. Academically bright, Daisy scored 96% in her Class 12th Board Examinations, and joined St. Stephen’s College, to read English Honours, which for her was a dream come true. She is an active member of the English Literary Society, the college Social Service League, the Poetry Society and the Environmental Society, and volunteers at all events organised by them. She is a member of the College Yearbook Team as well, lending a hand at editing tasks. Daisy loves academic life and aspires to be a literary critic.

Dheeru Yadav

Dheeru is pursuing History (Hons.) at St. Stephen’s College. Determined and focused, Dheeru has not allowed his handicap to deter him from achieving anything he wants in life. As an active member of the Social Service League, he volunteers at the evening classes and Drishtikone. He is also an active member of many other clubs and societies in college: the Hindi Sahitya Sabha, the Shakespeare Sabha, the Debating Society and the Poetry Society, and helps to organise events. Dheeru topped the state of Uttarakhand in the 12th Standard CBSE Board Exams in the Visually Handicapped Category and has won many other accolades in Essay Writing, Inter-College Poetry Recitations, Inter-College Debating Competitions and Inter-College Quizzes. Interested in Hindi Literature, debating, quizzing and poetry, Dheeru also plays the Octopad. He hopes to be a radio journalist someday.

Silpa Mariya

A bright, talented and confident Physics (Hons) student at St. Stephen’s College, Silpa is from the Ernakulam district, in Kerala. She was the topper of her school both in the ICSE and the ISC exam, in which she obtained 93.75%. Trained in Indian Classical Dance and guitar, Silpa is an active member of many clubs and societies in college like the Indian Choreography Society, the Social Service League, Malayalam Literary Society and the Sunrise Club. She is also a volunteer at Blood Connect, a non-profit youth organization. Silpa loves astrophysics and aspires to be a scientist at ISRO. Her inspiration is Ms. Kalpana Chawla.

Nikit Agarwal

A sincere and serious student from Orissa, Nikit is pursuing Economics (Hons) at St Stephens College. Academically Nikit has already achieved a lot, with 97.5% in his Board exams and 85% in the first semester at college. He lives an active life in college as a member of various clubs and societies: the Social Service League, the Economics Society, the Planning Forum, the Finance and Investment Cell and the Campus Placement Cell. He takes an active part throughout the year, in organising the events for all the clubs and societies that interest him. He is attracted to an academic life and hopes to pursue higher studies in the future.

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Pooja  Kumari

From Rewari, Haryana, Pooja Kumari is a bright and sincere student who topped her Department in college and ranked 3rd at Delhi University. Pooja wants to be an IAS officer to make a difference in the lives of people. A hard worker Pooja is a credit to her college. She has been a Volleyball player, Head of Hindi Debating Society and an active member of the Social Service League.

Aishwarya Chauhan

Bright and confident Aishwarya Chauhan is a BSc student. As Mess coordinator she improved the systems in the students’ Mess. She was part of a ten member delegation to Sikkim participating in relief work after the Earthquake in 2011, and has also been actively involved in swift resolution of cases related to gender discrimination on Campus.

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Ankitha Cheerakathil

Bright, talented, spirited and articulate, Ankitha has strong views that she expresses with clarity. This first year English (Hons) student who hails from Kerala, Volunteers in college societies like the Social Service league, Shakespeare Society and Gender Studies Society. ‘Musings of a Girl in Blue’, a documentary, partly autobiographical book which she wrote when she was in Class X, was published and received good reviews from The Indian Express and sold 800 copies. She is a columnist for Metro Spark, a weekly in Kochi, and eventually wants to be a Journalist and writer, as she believes a writer can influence public opinion and thought.

Sagar Wadhwa

A student of Economics (Hons), Sagar is an academic achiever and a credit to his Department. This poised, well spoken and pleasant young man from Karnal, Haryana likes to stay fit and goes for a run every morning. He volunteers in College Societies like the Social Services League and plans to go for higher studies after his graduation.

Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh is visually challenged. However, his disability does not in any way hold him back from all the things he wants to do. He has won prizes for poems written in English and Hindi, published articles in Dainik Jagaran and is well versed in 11 Indian languages. A confident and articulate young man, Mukesh happily obliges when asked to sing a Ghazal or recite a poem written by him. His dream is to build an English medium school for the disadvantaged children of the village he hails from.

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Anu P. Jose

An academically gifted student, Anu is shy and soft spoken. She is pursuing Mathematics (Hons), and is a member of The Economics Society and The Mathematics Society. Deeply interested in Economics as she feels economics is closely related to welfare of citizens of a country and would like to contribute to the understanding of economic principles and thoughts.

Rahul  Sharma

From Sisan, Sonepat, Rahul Sharma was the topper of his village and won gold medals while in school. This Physics (Hons) student is hard working, soft spoken, sincere, and academically oriented. Rahul is also interested in trekking and sport. He is an active member of the Social Service League in college

Tarun  Singh

A student of Chemistry (Hons) Tarun Singh is quiet, sincere, focused and driven. An academically gifted youth, Tarun wants to work in the Civil Services. He participates actively in college life and has organised blood donation camps. He is a member of the Chemistry Society and enjoys cricket and music.

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