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Tiara Charitable Foundation provides Post-Graduate Grants to exceptional Indian students who are recipients of the Eiffel or Boutmy scholarships.

NOTE: (We do not offer scholarships to students opting for online courses.)

Applications have been Suspended until further notice.

Award Amount

This award will provide an educational grant of up to 5000 US$ each, to the students selected. The grant will be for the duration of the postgraduate program (two years or whichever is less).

Eligibility Criteria
  1. You should be an Indian citizen, resident in India.

  2. Not more than 25 years of age.

  3. You should be a Boutmy or Eiffel scholarship recipient.

  4. You need to be proficient in English and at least one Indian language.

  5. Articulate with a sense of future leadership.

  6. Excellence in non-trivial extra-curricular activities

  7. We do not offer scholarships to students opting for online courses.

Application Guidelines

Please download this application form/checklist and send it along with scanned copies of documents required.

You need to submit the following with your application:


  1. A brief single page resume.

  2. 'Two (2) recommendations from members of faculty.

  3. Transcripts of marks.

  4. A short (one page) statement of purpose written in your own words.

  5. Evidence of excellence in non-trivial extra-curricular activities. 

  6. An offer letter from Sciences Po where you have got admission for Post Graduate study in the academic year 2021-22.

  7. Evidence of Eiffel or Boutmy Scholarship.

  8. A passport sized photograph.

Procedure & Deadline

Step 1: Email Application Form along with the above documents by  30 June 2021

Step 2: Documents submitted will be verified with the concerned authority or board.

Step 3: Credentials will be evaluated and based on that the applicants will be shortlisted and notified.

Step 4: The final short listed candidates will be be invited for a personal interview with the Scholarship Committee.

Step 5: The final short listed candidates will be reimbursed 3 Tier AC Train fares if travelling from out of New Delhi on submission of a copy of the ticket. If coming in by air, an equivalent of a 3Tier AC fare will be reimbursed.

Step 6: The Scholarship Committee will notify successful candidates.

Step 7: The Scholarship amount will be wired to the candidates' newly opened accounts abroad once they have joined their respective Universities.

The Trust maintains an unbiased approach in providing financial assistance to individuals. It may be therefore noted that awarding a scholarship to individuals is at the discretion of the Foundation and the decision made in this respect is final.

Please note: Only students with an offer from Sciences Po with scholarship, will be considered for this Grant.

(All applications must be sent through Email to . All relevant documents must be in low resolution but in legible PDF and attached with the application.)

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